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Ready to Go Fundamentals - Developing personal skills


Communication Skills 

Head in the sand? - Tackling Difficult Conversations

Tired of avoiding difficult conversations? Does not having them stress you out? This topic will help you to uncover your avoidance tactics and REAP the rewards of hitting the conversations you dread head on. View this module 


It's what you don't say - Get To Grips With Non-Verbal Communication

The way we move our body and the way we say things adds meaning and emphasis to the words we speak. Want to tap into the power of non-verbal communication? Then try this topic. View this module 


Two ears; one mouth - Listen with your FEAT!

In our fast-paced world we may not believe there's time to listen. But listening effectively can save a lot of wasted time. Try this topic to find out the listening mistakes you make and how to put them right. View this module 


I like talking to you - The simple art of building strong rapport.

Compete against three other contestants to uncover the five top tips for building an immediate rapport with people you've never met before. View this module 


Great Meetings

Chair in control - The key to chairing effective meetings.

These days meetings take up a lot of our precious time so need to be succinct and effectively managed. If you are new to chairing meetings or want to lead productive meetings that make the best use of everyone's time, then this topic will point you in the right direction. View this module 


Minutes matter - The art behind meaningful minutes.

Minutes, an integral part of every meeting, need not be a chore. Well-executed minutes can save time, effort and prevent oversights or duplication. Discover the simple rules of capturing and issuing effective minutes in this short topic. View this module 


Influencing Skills

Sway this way - Start to influence discussions and decisions

Want to bring one or more people around to your way of thinking? Take this topic to learn how to do the ground work and pick your moment. View this module 


Tug of war - Overcoming resistance to change

'Some people will never change…' but don't feel defeated. Where there's change there will always be resistance to it but I evolve very slowly doesn’t always mean what it says. Take this topic to find out. View this module 


Seal the deal! - Increasing your bargaining power

How comfortable to you feel in a bargaining situation? Do you give in too often and come way the loser? Then try this topic to pick up tips to improve your bargaining confidence and competence. View this module 


Personal Development

What first? - The art of prioritisation

Got so much to do and don't know where to start? This topic looks at the art of prioritisation and offers some basic principles to help get yourself organised and keep those people demanding your time happy. View this module 


Act SMART - Set objectives that take you places

If you often say you want to improve your personal or professional life but never see these good intentions come to fruition then it's time to think and act SMART. This short topic will help you get started. View this module 


Assert yourself - Stand up for your own needs and opinions

Do you walk on egg shells and sacrifice your own best interests to avoid conflict? Would you like to be able to express your opinion confidently, without losing your cool? No longer shy away from assertiveness as this topic will encourage you out of the shadows - to express your opinions and needs without negative consequences. View this module 


Where did the day go? - Recognise what wastes time

How many times have you thought, 'There just aren't enough hours in a day?' In our fast-paced world it seems that there's always so much to do and never enough time to do it all in. This topic won't magically make your day longer but it will help you to get the most from the hours that you have. View this module 


Management and Leadership

I prefer the carrot - Motivation through reward and recognition

Not getting the best from you team? Try this topic and take a different look at workplace needs and motivation. View this module 


Team Development

Strength far and wide - Developing Virtual Teams

Want to increase the effectiveness of your virtual team? This topic will help you to close the miles between you and beat the barriers that difference in language, time and culture can pose. View this module 


Form To Perform - The four stages of team development

First there's the getting to know you when everyone is on their best behaviour. But this is just the calm before the storm. 

View this module 


Great Presentations

Perfect Prep - PERFECT your preparation before your presentation

Is everything covered? Do you know your content? Have you considered the audience? This topic points out everything you can do to ensure the success of your presentation before you even stand up to say those first words. View this module 


On The Edge Of Their Seats - Grab Your Audience's Attention & Keep It

You know the content of your presentation is great so you don't want your delivery to let you down. Audiences can be unpredictable and demanding so it's crucial to keep them on side. This topic explores how to gain and sustain their interest. 

View this module